Rotary Youth Exchange in the Netherlands

Bent u een Nederlands gebruiker van deze site, zet dan de taal linksboven op Nederlands, dan krijgt u de Nederlandse pagina inclusief de informatie voor Nederlandse deelnemers en betrokkenen.

This is the internal website of the Multi-Districts Youth Exchange Committee (MDJC) of Rotary in The Netherlands. The MDJC coordinates the execution of the Rotary Youth Exchange programs for the Rotary districts in The Netherlands. This website contains information for participants and volunteers involved in the programs.

Use the menus at the top to find additional information about the Youth Exchange programs in the Netherlands. If you are involved in the program or want to become involved as a participant, Rotarian, host family or school, please create an account and log in using the top right menu.

If you are selected to come to the Netherlands as a participant in one of the exchange programs, please register for an account using the link at the top, confirm your registration using the email that is sent to you, log in using the Log in button in the box on the left, use the menus on the top under Inbound and the program you participate in, and then Register.

If you have an account, please log in using the top right menu.