Outbound participant Long term

For candidates and participants of the long term exchange program that live in the Netherlands.

Candidates without a Rotary sponsor club

For the options below you have to log in. You can create an account with My account, Create account. After you have clicked on the confirmation link in the email you can log in with My account, Log in.

  • Express interest
    If you are interested to participate in this program but have no Rotary sponsor club yet, you can enter your details here.
  • Find a Rotary sponsor club
    Use this link to find a Rotary club in your area that you can ask as a sponsor club.

Candidates with a Rotary sponsor club and participants

  • Register for the program
    Fill in your details here so that the sponsor district has the information that is required to arrange the exchange.
  • Update your information
    If during your exchange any of your information has changed, for example your mobile phone number or the host family where you are staying, update your information here.
  • Bimonthly reports
    At the end of every two months, that is before the end of October, December, February and April, fill in the bimonthly report for your sponsor district.
  • Evaluation
    Just after you return from the exchange, fill in this evaluation form for the sponsor district.